A circular economy is an economic system that de­couples economic growth from the consumption of finite natural resources.

In a circular economy, fewer and more durable products are made partially or fully from ex­isting recovered materials or waste, they are used multiple times, then refurbished or repurposed. At the end of their life,  the parts or materials they consist of are recycled or recovered, leading back to the beginning of the circle. A circular city is a city that promotes the tran­sition from a linear to a circular economy in an integrated way across all its functions in collaboration with citizens, businesses and the research community, creating a systematic ap­proach to circular economy.

This booklet provides an overview of what circularity can mean for cities and other urban stakeholders. With circular solution examples from different sectors, lessons learned and links to important resources, it aims to provide the tools that will facilitate the transition of cities to a circular economy.


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