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To be a Refood volunteer is to act with purpose. It is investing your own time and energy in the service of others. It means making a real impact in your own community.

Everything can start with just 2 hours of your precious time (weekly). That effort will secure food support for around 10  peoplein your own community - every time you serve. 

Food collection volunteers, performing two-hour collection routes once a week, secure the precious food surpluses of our food source partners – their contribution powers our innovative model and makes everything else possible. 

Volunteers working at the Operations Center devote two hours a week to organizing food that has already been rescued. They prepare full baskets containing nutritious meals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, breads and sweets, depending on the needs and/or restrictions of each family, while others have the privilege of operating an industrial dishwasher to keep our operation going. 

Distribution Volunteers, also working for 2 hours, once a week, exchange well-composed food packages (prepared by colleagues with food recently collected by other colleagues) for empty containers form the previous distribution. They have the privilege of interacting with our beneficiaries. 

Your 2 hours of volunteering feeds about 10 people every time you participate!  

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Volunteers who have a little more time to serve (around 4 hours once a week) and a desire to contribute to the essential tasks of managing their local Operations Center, are the heart and soul of each local Center. 

The Volunteer-Managers, acting as equals in a participatory democracy, guarantee the quality and continuity of the work carried out by their local team – securing the ten shared management areas – but working as a single team, with purpose and in support of the Refood mission.

Pioneers are those adventurous souls who want the change the world by promoting and participating in the creation of a RefoodCenter in their own local community.   

There are no costs involved (Refood works for free), but there are also no financial advantages for those who participate in the Refood Movement (we are 100% volunteer) – there are however, enormous benefits to be produced in every local community – including yours! 

That process is presented in here.

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Alice Peixoto

“For me, volunteering means dedicating my time to those who need it most. In the case of Refood, giving food to people who don't have it. This allows me to help these people, be part of the community and grow as a person.”


“From the beginning, in July 2011, I was impressed by the simplicity of the Project (it did not need large financial resources), the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the warmth of the team of volunteer-managers; and I saw that same enthusiasm multiply as new pioneer teams took the idea to new communities."

Leonor Castelão

“Being a volunteer at Refood is offering a little bit of us for the good of many. It is a rewarding activity that takes us out of our comfort zone, which is made easy by the excellent team spirit that is created. At the end of each shift I return home with the feeling that I have made a difference in someone's life.”

Pedro Verde

“At Refood, we are not just fighting food waste. We collaborate so that dozens of families have something to eat, we promote help among our partners and inspire those who are not yet volunteering, and we don't even have to leave our city, because if each one of us does his part, in every corner in the world, this will be a much better place.“

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