About us

The REFOOD mission is to rescue food, feed people and include the entire local community, co-creating a more just, caring and sustainable society.


REFOOD is an independent, sustainable movement, 100% volunteer, democratic, guided by citizens and organized in local communities. It is dedicated to rescuing good food and feeding people in need through the inclusion of the local community.  

In Portugal, REFOOD is legally constituted as a non-profit association and also has the status of IPSS. 

REFOOD operates locally in and for the community, working without salaries, supporting only those costs and investments that serve its mission. 


In each country, the REFOOD Movement works by inviting all members of the local community to participate in its circular and solidarity economy – always respecting the capacity and availability of each one. Together we defend both the environment and those in need, as each meal rescued is an act of waste prevention and each meal delivered is an act of reuse and solidarity.  

REFOOD GLOBAL COMMUNITY challenges and empowers citizens around the world to transform their communities by activating existing local resources to implement the REFOOD mission. 


REFOOD aspires to a new world, where everyone has the food they need; where all the food produced goes first to feed people; where citizens actively participate in the management of the community’s precious resources, and where everyone assumes their power, right and obligation to transform the world into a better place.


EQUALITY: we believe that all people share a common human dignity and that everyone has the right to access good food.

RESPECT: we believe that all people deserve to be treated with respect and that we must be a mirror of respectful, visible and constant benevolence in the community.  

INCLUSION: we believe that the entire community – people and institutions – should be invited to participate and we must include everyone who embraces our values and mission.  

VOLUNTEER SERVICE: we believe in the value of voluntary service to others and the community in a spirit of generosity, friendship and harmony.    

SUSTAINABILITY: we believe that we must work to be socially, environmentally and financially sustainable, and also at the local, national and international level.    

GRATITUDE: we believe that gratitude is at the heart of Refood and must be present in all interactions between volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and the community. Gratitude is the attitude that defines our culture. 

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