Refood’s work is supported by donations of time, goods and money.  

Volunteers donate their most precious possession – their time, while Refood’s Friends participate in our work in other ways. 

Food Source Partners donate their surplus food production, while other Partners donate goods or services other than food items. 

Supporting Partners – whether individuals, institutions, companies or social investors, are invited to donate any support in any way that they choose – for the good of the community now and in the future. 

Everyone is welcome and everyone will be included! 

Time is our most precious asset. Refood Volunteers give only a little time (2 hours) per week to help their neighbors and they get more in return than they might imagine. Refood Friends, who for whatever reason cannot participate in regular volunteer work, may contribute in other ways, depending on their talents, availability and desire. 

Excess food in good condition is precious – Food Donations feed people in need and help protect the environment. 

Other donations: available workplace, work tables, refrigeration equipment, industrial dishwashers, shelves, food containers, vehicles, etc. are all welcome. 

Any amount of monetary support translates into food rescued and people fed (each euro/dollar facilitates the redemption of 4 meals and avoids 2 kilos of waste). 

(To be available soon)

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